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Selenite Tower

The translucent white nature of Selenite represents spiritual purity, light, and connection to the angelic realms. It is one of the most sacred crystals throughout history. The name 'Selenite' derives from the Greek goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon.What Are the Healing Properties of Selenite? A High-Vibration Stone. Selenite crystals hold in them the power to push you towards faster spiritual growth. ... Accessing Your Intuition. As you move forward in your spiritual growth, your intuition improves. ... Fosters Team Spirit. ... Stress Release and Anxiety. Eliminating Negative Energy. Selenite is a gemstone that has a properties of enhancing mental power. Its cyrstal help to remove all energy blockage in the body. Use as a massage tool as its absorbent nature assists in removing energy blocks that keep muscles tight. Selenite has the power to cleanse & charge other crystals. Simply lay your crystals on or near your selenite for a few hours at a time.