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Celestial Box of Incense Sticks

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Our Celestial incense sticks are soft and slightly floral and will infuse your space with a sense of peace, bliss and tranquility. These are the perfect incense to light just before bed, and a beautiful way to invite in Celestial Beings. Celestial Beings are spiritual beings that are also known as Angels, or Messengers of God. These Beings are divided into 3 spheres, two of which are closer to God and the third, closer to Earth. Principalities - These Celestial Beings live in the highest of the spheres and are the messengers between Angels (higher and lower Angels). They are often depicted wearing a crown and holding a scepter. Archangels - These are the most well known of the Celestial Beings and are Messengers, Protectors, Healers and Teachers. Angels - These are the closest to Earth (energetically speaking) and are sometimes called Fairies, Elementals and Guardian Angels. This group is known for its interaction with humans. 15g incense stick box.