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Carved Red Stone Tea Light/Cone Burner

This beautiful heavy duty piece is carved with the spadeThe spade represents a leaf of the "cosmic" tree, and thus life. Along with its companion suit, clubs, spades represent fall and winter and the power of darkness. In the Tarot, they symbolize intellect, action, air, and death. This piece is great for burning of tea lights, incense cones. It has a metal center so it can be used for other things as well such as charcoals tabs to burn just a small amount of resin or maybe a small dish to add to an altar for offerings. Meaning of an offering bowl may be different to many but the most common is this : an offering bowl may be used upon one's altar or during ritual, and may be used for many purposes. One purpose could be to "charge" an item or magical component. Some may use their offering bowls as exactly that (an offering to the divine) as a symbolic token of appreciation.