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This square keychain is pre designed with a puzzle piece heart that is used to represent Autism awareness, next to it, it says Just different. Normally I don't write a back story to a piece but I feel this one deserves one. This design was thought up one day by my oldest son, he has Asperger's (high functioning Autism now) he denies it, ignores it all the time. But one thing for a time always bugged him weather he recalls it or not was with the Autism saying they have "different not less". So one day he just sputtered out with Just different why can't they just say it like it is we all all just different and it is so very true. No matter what we are diagnosed with or not we are just that we are all Just different. So in honor of my amazing son who has come so far I made this piece. Hope it moves you as it does me (Twitch). You can also customize the back with your favorite logo, saying or picture for $4 more.