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Twitches Gallery & Gifts


Twitches Gallery & Gifts Features things handmade. We handle just about anything. We do a lot of engraving, sublimation, glass etching, t-shirts, embroidery, framing & matting. We also do a few wholesales as well like Dr. Squatch, Things Uncommon, Great Bay Pottery. We can recreate something we don't have on hand we just need to talk to you or have a picture to know exactly what your wanting. See something we already have but would really like it in a different color just email us and we can see what we can do. 



1 1 1.2" x 7" 1 1/2 oz 1 1/2 x 7 1 1/2" x 7" 1.6 x 2.25 10-12" 11 3/4 x 4 11 oz 11oz 11x5 12 1/4" x 8 1/4" 12 oz 12 OZ. WINE TUMBLERS (BLANK) 12oz 14 oz. 14 OZ. TUMBLERS W/HANDLE (BLANKS) 14X14 15 oz 15 OZ. MUG (PRE DESIGNED) 15 OZ. MUGS (BLANKS) 15-oz 15oz 16 oz. 16 OZ. LEATHERETTE TUMBLER (BLANK) 160z 16oz 18 1/2" x 4 1/4" 18 1/4" x 12" 2 7/8 x 6 5/8 x 1 2.2.5 x2.5 2.25" x 2.25" 2.5 2.75" X 2.75" 20 oz 20 OZ SUBLIMATION (BLANKS) 20 oz. 20 OZ. ENGRAVING (BLANK) 20 OZ. ENGRAVING (PRE DESIGNED) 20 OZ. SUBLIMATION (PRE DESIGNED) 20oz 28 x 31 1/2 2XL 3 1/2 x 5 30 oz 30 OZ. TUMBLERS (BLANK) 3x3x1.5 4" x 4" 4-inches 4.75 x 6.75 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 5x4 5x7 6 1/4" X 6 3/4" 6 oz 6 OZ. FLASK (BLANK) 6 OZ. LEATHERETTE FLASKS (PRE DESIGNED) 6 OZ. FLASKS SETS 6 OZ. LEATHERETTE FLASKS (BLANK) 6" x 17 1/2" 6" x 6" 6' 64 OZ GROWLERS (BLANK) 6oz 7 x 11 7x11 8 3/4 x 6 8 3/4" x 11 1/2" 8 x 13 8" x 10" 8x11 9 x 12 acacia-wood accessories ACTIVE Altar Altar-candle Altar-candles alter aluminum Always-Forever Always-n-Forever American-flag Amethyst Angel Angel-pot-holders Apple Apples Apron Ash Heather Ash-heather Assorted Athame ATHAMES Autism awards baby BABY BIBS baby-bib Bags & Beyond Balli's Kids Boutique Bamboo BAMBOO SPATULA (ENGRAVEABLE) BAMBOO SPOON (ENGRAVEABLE) BAMBOO SPORK (ENGRAVEABLE) BAMBOO TILE TRIVET (ENGRAVEABLE & SUBLIMATION) Barrel Barrel-wine-tools Beer-can-opener best-mom bird-house black Black / White Black Heather Black-Cat black-plastic-easel black-to-gold Black/Gold Black/Wh Black/White blank Blessed-Be block-snowman Blue Blue /Flag blue-jays Blue/Off White Blue/Silver book BOOK COVERS (ENGRAVEABLE) Boosts-immune BOTTLE OPENER (PRE DESIGNED) BOTTLE OPENERS (BLANK) Bottle-opener Box BRACELETS bunny Business-card-holder Butcher-block Camouflage Cancer CANDLE HOLDERS Candle-holder Candle-holder-decor Candles card Card-set CARDS Cards2U Center-piece ceramic CERAMIC TILES Ceramics Charcoal CHARCOAL BURNERS CHARCOAL TAB ROLLS Charcoal-burner Chevron-Amethyst children Chime CHIME CANDLES Chime-candle Chime-candles Christmas Christmas-Angel-Pot-Holders Christmas-decor Christmas-tree Church CIGAR HOLDERS (ENGRAVEABLE) Cigar-cutter cigar-holder cigar-holders Circle Circle-keychain cleaner-brush cleansing clear Clear/Gold Rim CLOTHES PINS DECOR CLOTHES PINS MAGNET DECOR Cloths-pin cloths-pin-decor coaster COASTERS (SUBLIMATION BLANKS) Coffee COINS color colorful cone-burner Cones coordinates Cork-leather covid covid-over-yet Crafts By Loretta Creepy-Hello Crow Crystal CRYSTALS custom custom-gifts customizable customize Customized CUTTING BOARDS (ENGRAVE) cutting-board cutting-boards Dark Brown Decor Decorative decoupage Decoupage-decor decoupaged Depth: 0.02 Depth: 0.05 Depth: 1 Depth: 10 Depth: 12 Depth: 12.5 Depth: 14 Depth: 15 Depth: 16 Depth: 2 Depth: 20 Depth: 3 Depth: 3.5 Depth: 4 Depth: 4.25 Depth: 5 Depth: 6 Depth: 7 Depth: 8 Depth: 9 Depth: 9.5 Dice DISH CLOTHS DISH CLOTHS (KNITTED) Dish-cloth Dk.Gray DONE Dragons-Blood Drinking-game drinking-gifts DUKE CANNON SOAPS Décor décor EARRINGS EASEL elephant EMBORIDERY HAND TOWELS energy-blocker Engergy Engravable ENGRAVED TILES Engraved-plaque engraving ENGRAVING ITEMS ESSENTIAL OILS & DIFFUSERS ESSENTIAL OILS PAD REFILLS face-mask Face-masks FACEMASKS Fall Fall-decor Family FEATHERS Flag Desgin flask FLASK FUNNELS Flask-set flasks Flasks-set FRAMING & MATTING Framing and Matting front-plate-only frumpy-grumpy-kitty funnels gift GIFT BASKETS gift-boxes Gift-set gifts Glass Etching GLASSWARE GLASSWARE -- ETCHING GLASSWARE PRE ETCHED GLASSWARE PRE LOGO JET Gloss Blue Grandma Graphite Gray Gray/Cream Gray/Off White Green green/Cream green/white greenair-inc grey grey/white HAIR TIES Halloween HALLOWEEN - FALL DECOR HAND-CRAFTED WOODEN ITEMS hand-painted handcrafted Handcreated Design handmade handpainted hanging-cutting-boards Hanging-knitted-Ornament Hat-Sweater-knitted-accessories HATS Healing hearts Height: 1 Height: 10 Height: 10.5 Height: 11 Height: 12 Height: 14 Height: 16 Height: 2 Height: 20 Height: 3 Height: 4 Height: 4.75 Height: 5 Height: 6 Height: 6.5 Height: 8 Height: 9.5 Hello hero Holiday Holidays HOLIDAYS DECOR Holly hoodie HOODIES HOODIES (PRE DESIGNED) HOODIES (SUBLIMATION BLANKS) hot pink house-gates Incense INCENSE CONES INCENSE STICK Box/Pkg INCENSE STICK BURNERS Incense-box-burner incense-stick incense-stick-burner Incense-stick-holder incense-sticks JDs / Twitches Jewelry-box journal JOURNALS Junction-city Kansas Keepsake KEY CHAINS KEY CHAINS (PRE-SUBLIMATED) KEY CHAINS (SUBLIMATION) KEY HOLDERS (PRE SUBLIMATED) key-chain key-chains key-holders Keychain kitchen Kitted-snowman Knitted knitted-Christmas-pot-holders Knitted-hat knitted-mini-pillows Knitted-pillow knitted-pillows knitted-pot-holders Knitted-snowman Knitted-sweater Large Laundry Lavender/Purple Leather LEATHER CARD HOLDER leather-bottle-opener leather-can-opener leather-flask leather-wrap leather-wrap-flask leather-wrap-tumbler Leather-wrapped-flask LICENSE PLATES (SUBLIMATION) License-plate Light Brown lined-paper Lips logo-jet Loops & Lyrics Lt. Brown Lt.Purple MAGNETS MAGNETS (SUBLIMATION BLANKS) MAGNETS (SUBLIMATION PRE-DESIGNED) Maroon Med Medium Military Milky-quarts Mini-Jewelry-box Mini-Pillows MISC ITEMS Mother-n-child mug Mug-sets Mugs MYSTERY BOXES name-plate Natural Natural Bamboo Natural Pine Navy NECKLACES New new-age Off White Off White/ Gray Off White/Red/Lt.Brown Orange ornament ORNAMENT (HANDPAINTED) ORNAMENT (SUBLIMATION BLANKS) ORNAMENT (SUBLIMATION PRE DESIGNED) ornaments Oval OVEN MITT(PRE SUBLIMATED) OVEN MITTS (SUBLIMATION) oven-mitt Owl's Nest Paint Puddles pear PESTLE & MORTARS Picture PICTURE FRAMES (ENGRAVEABLE) Picture-frame pillowcase PILLOWCASES (SUBLIMATION) Pink Pink-ribbon plaque PLAQUES plus Polar Camel polar-camel polyester POST-STICK POT HOLDERS (KNITTED) pot-holders Potholders POUCHES PRE BAMBOO TILE TRIVET (ENGRAVEABLE & SUBLIMATION) Pumpkin pumpkins Punisher purification-stone Purple PURSES puzzle-pieces Rawhide rectangle Red Red Alder Red/Orange/Off White Red/White Red/White/Blue Reindeer Resin resin-charcoal-burner reusable Reyerware Jewelry Designs right-hand Rose rosewood Rosewood-stain Round Royal Blue Santa Satya scrub-life Sea Blue secret-Santa shelf SHIRTS (BLANKS) SHIRTS POLOS (BLANKS) SHOT GLASSES (BLANKS) SHOT GLASSES (PRE DESIGNED) shot-glass Sign SilentNight Silver skulls Slate slate-centers slate-cutting-board Sleep Small Small Round Smokey-rose-quartz SMUDGE STICK BURNERS SMUDGE STICKS smudge-feather SMUDGE/RITUAL BOWLS smudging snow Snow-quartz Snowflakes snowman Snowman-stackable-mug specialtyshirts Spell-candle spell-candles Spiral Spiral-box Spiritual Square Square-keychains square-sublistone stackable-mugs Stainless Steel Steel / Silver Stemless Stones stoneware STRAWS sublimation SUBLIMATION - APRONS SUBLIMATION - BABY BIBS SUBLIMATION - BBQ TOOL SET SUBLIMATION - CUTTING BOARDS SUBLIMATION - SUBLISTONE SLABS SUBLIMATION 11 OZ MUGS (BLANKS) SUBLIMATION 11 OZ. MUG (PRE DESIGNED) SUBLIMATION 12 OZ PRE DESIGNED WINE TUMBLERS SUBLIMATION 12 OZ WINE TUMBLERS BLANKS SUBLIMATION 16 OZ. TUMBLER (BLANK) SUBLIMATION 16 OZ. TUMBLER (PRE DESIGNED) SUBLIMATION BOOK SUBLIMATION FACE MASKS SUBLIMATION FACE MASKS (PRE DESIGNED) sublistone Sunflower Sunflowers Super-hit-fragrance Tapestry TAPESTRY / THROW BLANKET Tea Tea-light tea-light-Candles Tea-light-holder-decor tea-light-holders Teal Textured Thanksgiving THIMBLE thimbles Third-eye throw THROW PILLOW (KNITTED) THROW PILLOW (MINI'S) tools TOTE BAGS travel-mug Tree Tree-agate Trinity Moon Creations TRINKET BOXES Trinket-box Triple-moon Triquetra Trivets TRIVETS ROUND CORK True Red Trust-me-Im-a-nurse Tumbled tumbler Tumbler customized tumbler-metal-straw tumblers Turkey turkey-feather Twitches Twitches Gallery & Gifts Twitches Gallery & Gifts LLC Twitches-glallery-Gifts unisex USA UTENSIL HOLDER (ENGRAVEABLE) valentines veteran Village Vintage violet WALL HANGING DECOR (PRE SUBLIMATED) Wall-decor Wall-Décor Walnut WATER BOTTLES (SUBLIMATION BLANKS) wedges WESTERWALD POTTERY WHISKEY STONE SET White White-king-quartz White/Green Wiccan Wicked Width: 1 Width: 10 Width: 11 Width: 11.5 Width: 12 Width: 12.5 Width: 13 Width: 14 Width: 14.25 Width: 15 Width: 16 Width: 17.5 Width: 18 Width: 2 Width: 2.5 Width: 20 Width: 3 Width: 4 Width: 4.5 Width: 5 Width: 6 Width: 7 Width: 8 Width: 9 Width: 9.5 wine WINE BOTTLE DECOR WINE TOOL BOX SET Wine-bottle Wine-bottle-accessories wine-bottle-clothing wine-bottle-decorations wine-bottle-gift-set Wine-bottles Wine-glasses wine-tools Wine-tumbler Witches-hat WOOD BOXES wood-fall-decor wood-thimbles WREATHS Wrestling X-large XL xlarge Y XL Yellow
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