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New Beginnings

New Beginnings was created about a year ago when Twitches merged with JC Gifts & Crafts. Hi, I am Twitch. I have a several health issues and a sever anxiety disorder that has stemmed into a mild to sever case of Agoraphobia (I'm a shut in-- housebound) and when I'm out of my comfort areas I actually physically twitch on my right side, hints the name Twitches. With all my health issues and the twitching it keeps me from working in the real world with everyone else. Agoraphobia can also cause sever depression always been trapped in one place. And I wasn't going to let it control me any longer if I did I would probably have been hospitalized. So one day about 5 yrs ago my doctors asked me what is it that you miss about my life from  before all this. What is one thing I would like to have or do again. I thought for a moment and said my mom's store. I absolutely loved it. I love all things handmade, I love craft shows. Her store was just that a craft show style shop, that was all year round featuring things handmade. So with the help of my doctors and my  husband we started to make  my dream a reality. I started figuring out what I would need to open and keep her open. As I moved forward after we relocated one last time (hopefully). I found a few local and a few not so local creators to be in the store with there beautiful creations. I did a few months in the store before we opened to make sure I could handle it of course, so I worked on  getting it ready for the vendors and the outside world. Many don't realize I only volunteer my time here everything I possible would make goes right back into the store to make sure we stay open for as long as possible. The first year I have to say was the scariest time for me but,  I  am so very grateful for all the help I have/had  to make this dream a reality. I can honestly say without my vendors it wouldn't have been possible. I still twitch and have a few issues from time to time but I have the support of so many they are all wonderful people. In the very beginning I have to say if it wasn't for Lolo's love and support I might not have made it thru the first 6 months. Lolo (Friend), as well as Anna & Ken of Twitches LLC (business partners) they are my rock in this store. They have really helped me get out of my shell and with there love and help I now create some of my own work. I'm still very new to my creations Hints the name New Beginnings, and with a little help from my husband and business partner Ken I do some pretty awesome wood pieces from time to time. Now with my vendors, business partners and all the love and support of my customers here I am almost 3 yrs later. I opened April 16th, 2018.  


To other Agoraphobics reading this... Everyday I'm terrified, I have panic attacks, upset stomachs, things people can see and some that they can't. But everyday I get up and I do everything I can to push thru "slow and steady" and if you  find that one thing, those right people. WE can live a life too ! There is light, there is hope. You just have to want it so badly that you find that will and just take it one day at a time "Slow & Steady". And know your really not ALONE.