New Age

New Age is applied to a range of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices which rapidly grew in the Western world during the 1970s. Precise scholarly definitions of the New Age differ in their emphasis, largely as a result of its highly eclectic structure. Although analytically often considered to be religious, those involved in it typically prefer the designation of spiritual or Mind, Body, Spirit and rarely use the term New Age themselves

Many things that are stereo typed for New Age beliefs are used by so many different people weather it be for religious or everyday life use. 

For more information on smudging and the benefits you can check out this link. Smudging isn't just for religious or spiritual beliefs.



10-12" 33MM-Swift-lite ACTIVE Altar-candle Altar-candles alter Alter-candles Amethyst black Blessing-fragrance Blue Boosts-immune Bowl CANDLE HOLDERS Candles CANDLES (CHIME THICK) CANDLES SCENTED W/WOOD WICK Celestial-fragrance Charcoal CHARCOAL BURNERS CHARCOAL TAB ROLLS Charcoal-burner Charcoal-tabs Chevron-Amethyst Chime Chime-candle Chime-candles cleansing cone-burner Cones CRYSTALS Depth: 1 Depth: 2 Depth: 5 Depth: 6 dragon-blood Dragons-Blood energy-blocker Engergy FEATHERS Fortune-fragrance Green grinder Healing Height: 1 Height: 2 Height: 34 Height: 4 Height: 5 Height: 6 Height: 9.5 Height: 95 HERB GRINDERS herbs incense INCENSE CONES INCENSE STICK Box/Pkg INCENSE STICK BURNERS Incense-box-burner incense-stick incense-stick-burner Incense-stick-holder incense-sticks Jasmine-fragrance Just ~ Ben Fusing & Grinding Kitchen-decor Loops & Lyrics Loretta's Creations Medium Midnight-fragrance Milky-quarts money NECKLACE PENDANTS NECKLACES New New Beginnings Creations new-age Offering-bowl Orange PALO STICKS (INCENSE) patchouli-forest-fragrance PENDULUM PESTLE & MORTARS Pieces By Sophie purification-stone Purple Rain-forest-fragrance Red Resin resin-charcoal-burner ritual Ritual-bowl romance-fragrance rose Sage Salt Crystal Salt Crystal Pink Salt-crystal-tea-light-candle Satya Sea Blue Sleep Smokey-rose-quartz smudge SMUDGE STICKS smudge-feather SMUDGE/RITUAL BOWLS Smudging Snow-quartz spell-candle Spell-candles Stones Super-hit-fragrance Swift Lite swift-lite-charcoal-tab Third-eye Tree-agate Trinity Moon Creat Trinity Moon Creations Tumbled Turkey turkey-feather Twitches Twitches / New Age Imports INC Twitches Gallery & Gifts LLC violet White White /Blue White-king-quartz White-sage Wiccan Width: 1 Width: 12 Width: 12.5 Width: 2 Width: 5 Width: 6 Width: 7 Width: 8 Wood-grinder yellow