Christina POV

Hi my name is Christina, I first became interested in photography while attending an Art Shows with my mom Barbara of Loops & Lyrics Crafts. I received my first camera for my 12th birthday and immediately started taking pictures of the flowers around our house. Since then my camera has never been far from my side. The majority of my photos were taken in or around the Lehigh Valley in PA. I love to take pictures of nature and have done photo shoots of my friends in local state parks as well.

I live in Easton PA with my mom and dad right now, my older brother Dan lives in Brooklyn,NY. I graduated from Easton Area High School this year and will be attending PACE University in NYC in the fall (2020). I plan to major in history and secondary education and hope to become a high school history teacher. Of course my camera will be coming with me.The photo opportunities in NYC are endless

Thank you for looking at my work and I hope you enjoy my photography.

Christina Guy
of ChristinaPOV