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Ceramic's & Pottery

This tab has a mixture of pretties. Here you will find Great Bay Pottery & Paint Puddles. They each do there own creations and customization. One is pottery and the other is ceramics. 

Great Bay Pottery was founded in Greenland, NH in 1992. A dynamic group of talented clay pottery artists have given Great Bay Pottery its name and continued success. We're constantly evolving and creating beautiful, functional handmade pottery; unparalleled in its quality, design, and reputation.

Now located in the Washington Street Mill in Dover, N.H., we continue our handmade tradition.  Check our online store regularly for new products.

With tradition, technology, creativity, and skill as our guides; we are confident that you’ll find that perfect one-of-a-kind useful item, gift or collectible. We're always happy to create custom, corporate or personalized occasion gifts (wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby, graduation, etc.)

 Our current collection is of Old Bill and the Big Red One of Ft. Riley Kansas Victory design. They do customize there pieces and our USA products all the way. 

Paint Puddles is a local creator from the Manhattan Kansas area. She creates her own molds for many if not all her pieces. She is a start to finish designer. Yes that's right she creates the molds, does the middle process then hand paints them then she does the finish touches to preserve each piece. She has her own store tab to see her other creations as well. She does many hand painted art work as well. Many home décor pieces. Just a well rounded talented creator. Twitches is lucky and happy to have her. 









11 3/4 x 4 11 oz 15 15 oz 6" x 6" ACTIVE baby Baby-bunny baby-bunny-tot Bamboo-Handle Bamboo-handles bats bear bears Belly Big-Red-One Black/Natural Black/Natural/Bamboo Blue Buffalo-Bill bunny bunny-garden bunny-tot candles Ceramics CERAMICS WITH LIGHTS child Christ Christ-kneeling Christmas Christmas-decor Christmas-red-truck Christmas-tree Christmastruck cooler-bucket crawling Cupcakes Custom CUSTOM POTTERY daffodil daffodil-crawling-baby-face Depth: 10 Depth: 12 Depth: 16 Depth: 3.5 Depth: 4 Depth: 5 Depth: 6 Depth: 8 dragon dragons Easter-Lamb Fairies Family Ft-Riley garden Garden-gnomes garden-tree-face ghosts Gifts Glitter gnomes grave-stones Great Bay Pottery Green Grumpy-face Halloween Halloween-decor hand-painted handmade handmade-USA heads heart Heart-belly-bear Heart-belly-bunny Height: 12 Height: 14 Height: 16 Height: 2 Height: 4 Height: 5 Height: 5.5 Height: 6 Height: 8 holiday Holiday-decor Honey honey-pot honey-pot-stick hoot jug Kansas ladders Large Lt. Blue Medium Military Milk Milk-jug mother Mother-n-child Mug New night-light nightlight Oil-Lamp Old-bill Oli-lamp Paint Puddles penguin Picture Pie-Plate Piggy-bank poo pottery Pumpkins Purple Red-truck Santa Santa-milk-jug Sculpting-statue Small statue tea-light-candle tree tree-stump trucks Twitches Twitches Gallery & Gifts Twitches Gallery & Gifts LLC unicorn USA USA-Handmade Victory WALL HANGING DECOR (PRE SUBLIMATED) Wall-decor White White/Red whoot Width: 10 Width: 12 Width: 13 Width: 14 Width: 16 Width: 4 Width: 4.5 Width: 5 Width: 6 Width: 8 wine-bottle Wine-bottle-chiller witches zombies